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The Sierra-Cedar 2017-2018 HR Systems Survey White Paper

The Sierra – Cedar 2017 -2018 HR Systems Survey White Paper, 20th Annual Edition is the latest research installment of the longest running, most widely distributed and most highly participative research effort in the HR industry.

This year’s White Paper covers adoption and trends for applications, deployment options, vendor solution outlook, expenditures, and value achieved for the categories of applications listed below.

• Administrative applications:
■ Core Human Resource Management System (HRMS)
■ Payroll
■ Benefits

• Service Delivery applications:
■ Employee Self Service (ESS)
■ Manager Self Service (MSS)
■ Help Desk
■ Portals

• Workforce Management (WFM) applications
• Talent Management (TM) applications
• Social- and Mobile-enabled applications
• Business Intelligence (BI)/Analytics solutions
• Emerging Technologies

Additional insights on supporting HR practices:
• HR Systems Strategy
• Adoption blueprints
• Integration practices
• Implementation practices
• Change Management practices
• Expenditure and Resource strategies
• Culture
• Innovation

The Survey was conducted from May 4th through July 7th, 2017. The Sierra-Cedar 2017–2018 HR Systems Survey White Paper is based on 1,312 unique organizations representing a total workforce of 17.7 million employees and contingent workers.