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The world of work as we know it, is today, fast-evolving, with the lines between personal time and workspace blurring. This has vast impact across all aspects of human resource management (HRM) as HR evolves rapidly in an increasingly volatile business environment.

In the Singapore context, the reality is what we have all come to know – and that is the fact that not too long ago, Comfort Delgro, the country’s main cab company for decades was in danger of being ‘uberised’ and today, “Uber had been Grabbed”. Not only is technology ever-changing, what business leaders, entrepreneurs and HR professionals from start-ups to large companies need to understand is the speed with which technology is constantly evolving. It would be foolhardy for any HR practitioners, let alone Entrepreneurs, to think that an advancement in a particular technology today is going to remain within its space and pace for long.

That’s the reason why HR today needs to step beyond its traditional role and become strategic business partners in charting the growth of an organisation from its manpower planning, workforce readiness to contributions and make recommendations based on evidence and data analytics. In that aspect, there is much to catch with its marketing counterparts. This platform is created for HR Practitioners, industry experts, experienced professionals, as well as individuals passionate about HR to come together in an open learning and sharing platform through training, workshops, industry meets and events.

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