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Launch of Gnowbe’s MID @ iNLAB, Skillsfuture

Launch of Gnowbe’s MID @ iNLAB, Skillsfuture

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Gnowbe launced world’s first Mobile Instructional Design
With the rise of mobile microlearning, a new generation of instructional design calls for the most advanced and creative educators to rethink content authoring and disrupt learning design for modern learners. In partnership with iN.LAB and Skillsfuture Singapore, Gnowbe yesterday launched its Mobile Instructional Design (MID) and accreditation programme. The education and learning app lets learners learn at their own pace with three different course levels.

Level 1 : introduces the fundamentals of MID and the art and science of creating effective learning

Level 2 : teaches the application and implementation of Mobile Instructional Design with
personalisation (MPPG) and how to weave learning content into effective stories.
Learners also get accredited at this level

Level 3 : upon completing levels 1&2, learners are able to accredit MID’ers and provide training to
empower other learners on MID as an institution

The app is designed as a ‘mobile first’ rather than ‘mobile responsive’ platform giving full control and personlisation to users. It lets users learn at their own pace with three different course levels and is set to augment the Skills Framework with a new job category and skillset for the future of work.