MOM's Job Vacancies 2018 Report: ICT, Finance, Business Development related PMET position most sought after

The Ministry of Manpower Research and Statistics Dept (MOM) has just released the “Job Vacancies 2018”.

Highlights of the report

  1. As the economy grew, a sizeable share of vacancies in 2018 was for new positions created as a result of business formation and expansion.

  2. The proportion of vacancies unfilled for six months or more held steady at 34%. Non-PMET vacancies remained harder to fill than PMET openings. Unattractive pay,physically strenuous job naturework on weekends/public holidays and shift work continued to be reasons these openings were unattractive to locals. On the other hand, employers commonly cited lack of candidates with the necessary specialised skills or work experience for PMET vacancies that were hard to fill by locals.

  3. When hiring, employers are increasingly looking beyond academic qualifications to consider a wider pool of candidates with the relevant skills or working experience.

  4. ICT, finance and business development related PMET positions were most sought after, such as software, web & multimedia developerssystems analysts and commercial & marketing sales executives. There was also an emerging demand for technical and analytical roles, such as chief information officerscompliance officers or risk analystsand database designers & administrators.

  5. For non-PMET positions, while vacancies for cleanersshop sales assistants and security guards ranked at the top, there was a decline in their demand with ongoing industry transformation efforts. On the other hand, healthcare assistants saw an increase in vacancies, amid rising healthcare demand.

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