Philippines-based Kalibrr selected for global initiative to help redesign workplaces of tomorrow

The company joins 15 other ventures from around the world in a multi-year collaboration with Unreasonable FUTURE to help align the future of work with social equity.

MANILA, Philippines — After a rigorous selection process involving hundreds of companies across the globe, Kalibrr has been selected to join 15 growth-stage ventures in the inaugural Unreasonable FUTURE program, a bold, multi-year initiative that will bring innovators and entrepreneurs together to design a future in which people and technology work side-by-side to solve workplace challenges and unlock human potential everywhere.

“Unreasonable FUTURE is bringing together a hand-picked portfolio of entrepreneurs leveraging advanced technologies to ensure future generations thrive in the new economy,” Daniel Epstein, founder and CEO of Unreasonable Group said.

These include companies shaping the future of learning and up-skilling, so that underserved youth and those whose jobs are being replaced by technology will find pathways to new opportunities in the digital era.

The portfolio also includes entrepreneurs who use disruptive technologies to maximize human potential in the workplace of tomorrow. Epstein further elaborated how the goal of Unreasonable FUTURE is to bring these companies together to rewrite the narrative of what it means for all humans to thrive in a new, more equitable economy. “It’s an honor to have the opportunity to support these outstanding ventures to help design a future that will work for everyone.”

Founded in 2012, Kalibrr has helped over 18,000 employers find their next generation of leaders and movers. With over 2 million candidates and counting, it makes use of Artificial Intelligence to help professionals find meaningful jobs, as well as make it easier for employers to discover and connect with qualified candidates.

Further expanding its talent ecosystem, Kalibrr recently embarked on partnerships with both Facebook and Google, which is unprecedented in Southeast Asia, to syndicate its job listings and connect employers with an even wider range of candidates.

“It’s an honor for our work at Kalibrr to be recognized by a global panel of change makers who care and have the resources to impact the problem we spend everyday solving - helping people get great jobs.” shares Paul Rivera, co-founder and CEO of Kalibrr. “I’m looking forward to what we learn and what we can share and build to impact the communities that Kalibrr serves today.”

The first Unreasonable FUTURE program will take place from March 27 to April 7, in a private venue outside of San Jose, California. For full list of ventures, mentors, and specialists participating in the program, as well as additional details about the partnership, visit UnreasonableFuture